Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dirty Projectors - The Bride

Hot off the press!
View/Download "The Bride" Here.


  1. can you do canibal resource?! or useful chamber! or any other dp songs!

  2. For sure! Those two are the next ones I was planning on tackling, and I'm eventually going to tab out some old DP stuff as well circa the Glad Fact.

  3. awesome! rise above (the song) is easy to figure out i bet... that would be great to! you are the best haha

  4. Knilstad, Thanks for the accurate tabs. It is just so hard to find tabs for the great bands few listen to. If you start tabbing Aloha songs, I'd bake you a cake!!!

    However, you may not dig Aloha as much as I do, but you do like DP!

    I was hoping you could clarify, or, embellish, the tab for Temecula Sunrise. I know DP play it all sorts of ways when they are bored touring the States, but, I ask that you take the time to tab out the second guitar in the song, and/or if you happen to watch a few youtube vids that they have, you post what Dave does more clearly.

    Say for in the Chorus, you have the bright G chord, right before they shout, Temecula Sunrise, but, it doesn't quite match the sound. Also, at the end of the chorus, what sounds as hammer ons, and, open strings, you have after the last G you do that goes from the 5th string to the 3rd and back and forth until the end of the bar.

    Now, I am not saying this because I can do better! I jst don't have the skill to accurately convert sounds into tab yet, but I do love the music and learning it.

    It seems the end of ur tab of his riff isn't completely accurate. Sure there are many ways to play a song, but, accuracy is integral to do justice to these songs. When you finish what songs you're working on now then I'd be supremely grateful if you could take a second pass of Temecula Sunrise, or, even, try going off a video version for another performance, or make a video of your own.

    I love what you have accomplished, and, should just enjoy what you have done. and I will. but, when someone can help you get something done faster then I might as well try and work with you than by myself. If you think you could do better, or, put up a second "live" version, or a video, you'd be the man!